Tech News on CNET says, "This year, the amount of junk messages could be unprecedented." Saying "No!" Pre-emptively - Help can be found through recent US CAN-SPAM legislation which emphasizes sender transparency and honoring recipient Opt-out requests. works by moving the burden of submitting legitimate unsubscribes out onto the Internet, as opposed to the recipient's inbox.

Suppressing email addresses. Anti-spam legislation and Federal Trade Commission email marketing guidelines are now forcing advertisers to adhere to privacy assurance protections. Advertisers by law must ensure recipients are given an option to Opt-out or unsubscribe from receiving messages from these senders in the future. - the first of its kind - screens junk-email in circulation, qualifies working HTML Remove-Me links and registers them into the 'remove-me' database. Members access their UnsubscribeID control panel letting you process your email addresses off the lists automatically. Frequently Asked Questions

     ALERTS:    CAN-SPAM Law Enforcement Headlines           

First Arrests Under US Federal CAN-SPAM Law
                                       -- Washington (AP) -- April 29, 2004

FTC Requires [SEXUALLY EXPLICIT] Label on Email Spam
                                       -- Washington (Reuters) -- April 14, 2004


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Spam Fact: Opt-in lists.

Legitimate websites which have you check "Don’t send me offers" actually exacerbate the spam problem. Sooner or later you’ll forget to check one of those boxes and you’re added to an Opt-in list shared by partnering websites.

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